The Crystal Flush Difference

The Crystal Flush Difference

When it comes to tackling toenail fungus, there's more than one culprit –the External and Internal causes. External factors typically stem from dermatophyte, a stubborn infection that lurks beneath nail gaps and skin edges. This intruder devours the nail, causing unsightly cracks and crumbling.

On the other hand, the Internal cause often arises from candida albicans overgrowth. To truly conquer the fungal infection and achieve healthy, beautiful nails, recent scientific revelations emphasize the importance of addressing both the Internal and External factors in tandem.

At Crystal Flush, our groundbreaking approach targets both these causes, delivering a comprehensive solution that guarantees a lasting and effective eradication of toe fungus and the accompanying damage to nails.

No more compromises – just complete, unparalleled
care for your toes.


“Crystal Flush is a game-changer and my #1 recommendation for getting rid of you fungus fast."

"Crystal Flush targets the COMPLETE root causes of fungus both the internal and external factors. But the key is to start treatment today before it spreads and gets much, much worse. I’ve read the science & witnessed the impressive success stories. Crystal Flush is safe, effective, and I’m confident you’ll love the results.”

Dr. Mandira Mehra, M.D.

Double Board-Certified Physician

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