end your fungus.
show off your new toes.

end your fungus.
show off your new toes.

Kill Stubborn Toe Fungus with the
New and Different At-Home Solution

Kill Stubborn Toe Fungus with the
New and Different At-Home Solution

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The Only Solution That
Attacks Fungus
From the Inside and Out…

Because Drugstore
Products Aren’t Enough.

Toe fungus is a stubborn condition. Traditional remedies don’t provide a complete solution. Only Crystal Flush® uses TruePath™ Technology to attack fungus at its source so you can finally stop letting embarrassing toe fungus hold you back.

Simple 3-Minute Treatment

FDA–Registered OTC Anti-Fungal

Unique Delivery System

Doctor Recommended

Made in USA - 3rd Party Lab Tested

Safe - No Side Effects

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Flush out fungus, regain lost confidence, and show off your toes with Crystal Flush®.

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2-Step System - 1 Month Supply
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Why Thousands Trust
Crystal Flush®

I can finally wear sandals again
I can’t believe this worked! For the past 4 years I’ve had disgusting yellow and thick nails on both of my big toes & it was incredibly embarrassing. I was always trying to cover up with heavy polish. Crystal Flush worked like magic. Now I can finally wear sandals again.
Leslie H.
Austin, TX
Fungus GONE! Thank you.
I had a nasty fungus on my big toe that wouldn’t go away for almost a year. After about 15 days of the Crystal Flush I noticed the yellow started to thin out quite a bit so I knew it was working. Then after about 7 weeks my fungus was in fact GONE! Thank you.
Gregory G.
Los Angeles, CA
Looks so much better after just a few weeks!
Ordered the product for my husband who has bad fungus. He’s used everything out there and nothing ever worked. His two infected toes look so much better after just a few weeks. He loves the results. Great product!
Andy A.
Tampa, FL -
My toes haven't looked this good in over 20 years
I’ve tried everything at the drugstore and nothing was working. After just 30 days of Crystal Flush my toes have turned clear and the fungus has seemed to disappear. My toes haven’t looked this great in over 20 years.
Richard S.
Phoenix, AZ -


Unlike other products, Crystal Flush targets both the internal and external cause of your yellow and crumbly toenails. Our proprietary 2-Step fungal flush system helps to eliminate embarrassing fungal infections and prevents it from returning. No more silly home remedies, dangerous prescription drugs or painful doctor visits.


The Antifungal Serum

This powerful topical flushes fungus out at the source. Containing one of the most potent, FDA-approved antifungal agents on the planet, this compound penetrates the nail bed and gets to the root of your fungal infection, deep within the toe.


Crystal Flush Balance

In order to eradicate fungus and prevent it from returning, you need Crystal Flush Balance. Studies have shown this blend of 13 all-natural ingredients helps balance the ecosystem in your gut – preventing fungal overgrowth and killing the infection lurking deep in your system.

Powerful and Safe Ingredients.
Outrageously Effective.

The Crystal Flush solution is different. It offers a revolutionary line of targeted products that tackle the root cause
of fungus effectively, without dangerous drugs or painful medical procedures. Our powerful blend of ingredients
works wonders, ensuring lasting results and restoring the beauty and vitality of your toes.

Tolnaftate 1%

FDA-approved antifungal agent eliminates the root cause of fungus. Maximum strength 1% concentration.

Lavender Oil

Essential oil with effective anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, while also exhibiting nail-soothing benefits.

Tea Tree Oil

A widely used essential oil from the melaleuca tree, known for it’s anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.


A keratolytic agent that dissolves keratin, which is responsible for thickened, yellow and crumbly nails.

Lactic Acid

FDA-approved antifungal agent eliminates the root cause of fungus. Maximum strength 1% concentration.

Oregano Oil

The active compound in oregano has been reported to kill bad bacteria in the gut, one of the leading causes of stubborn fungal infections.

Caprylic Acid

Found in coconut oil, this acid has been shown to significantly reduce symptoms of a fungus infection lurking deep within the gut.

Protease & Cellulase

Both of these naturally occurring digestive enzymes help fight fungus. Cellulase is thought to help digest the cellular walls of candida, while Protease is believed to help remove the protein inside the fungal cell.

Our Promise


In as soon as 21 Days, Crystal Flush® can help restore the healthy and strong toes of your youth. Experience quick and dramatic results no matter how long you’ve been suffering.


We’ve helped thousands of people transform their embarrassing, yellow toe fungus to clear and healthy toes. We’re certain you’ll be thrilled with your results too. But if you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase in ANY way over the next 180 days, simply return the full or empty containers for a full and hassle-free refund. No questions asked!


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